Save Your Sanity Parenting
Andrea Galbreath
Wouldn't it be amazing if your kids would just listen to you...
The first time?
Without whining?
Without sassy backtalk?
Without 30 minutes of intense negotiations usually found in boardrooms?
Seriously. It's so annoying. 
There are parenting strategies you don't know...yet. 

Wouldn't it be incredible if...

You could go to the store stress-free and not worry about your kids asking for 1000 things and then copping an attitude (or throwing a tantrum) when you say NO!

Bedtime could be more like a dream and instead of a nightmare.

Homework time could be an easy part of your day instead of feeling like a never-ending battle.  
Going out to eat was an enjoyable time for everyone, instead of anger and tears...from you, because your kids are acting the fool! 
We've all been there.
I can show you how.
I've raised 3 very different kids using the time tested, researched-based strategies I'll be sharing with you. My oldest, AJ (in front of me in the pic), is now 23 years old and adulting in Las Vegas. My daughter, Taylor, is 17 and a senior in high school. My youngest, Emi, is 13 and about to start the 8th grade.

All 3 of my children know they are responsible for themselves and their choices. They understand there are consequences, good or bad, for their choices. Most of the time, they make really good decisions. But they're kids (the youngest 2 anyway), so sometimes they do really stupid things. When that happens, they accept the consequence AND they can tell me what they need to do differently next time. Then we move on and keep having fun. 

This can happen for your family too. 
Take the guesswork out of raising your kids. 
Learn how to:

get your kids to listen to you.

teach your kids to make better decisions.

make family time fun again.
What is this anyway?
Save Your Sanity Parenting is a 4 week interactive program designed to teach you how to get your kids to listen to you, how to eliminate the behaviors you don't like, and how to transform your kids into little humans so well-behaved that people are begging to babysit them! Here's what to expect:
Week 1
In week one, you will get straight to work learning the two best ways to get your children to listen.  
Week 2
In week two, you will learn the basics of behavior, in what ways you might be reinforcing inappropriate behavior, and how to redirect inappropriate behavior to something more acceptable.
Week 3
In week three, you will learn the magic of an effective rewards system. No more ineffective star charts, bribes, or threats! Learn the science-backed step-by-step process to changing behavior.
Week 4
In week 4, you will go deeper into creating lasting behavior changes. If you are participating in the live workshop, you will also get the chance to be coached by me or have your question answered live on a video screen share! 
 - Downloadable handouts to help you stay on track with what you've learned.
 - Weekly email offering additional tips, tricks, and support.
 - Access to edited replay videos once completed.
 - Access to the private Save Your Sanity Parenting group.

To sum everything up, here's what you get: 
Get your children to listen to you by using time-tested, researched-back strategies and techniques.
Unlimited access to all videos and downloads.
Learn the basics of behavior and how to encourage the behavior you want to see from your kids.
Access to the private Save Your Sanity Parenting Facebook group.
Downloadable worksheets and exercises for the weekly topics.
Save your sanity and make parenting fun! 
Finally get your kids to listen to you, teach them how to make better choices, and get back to having parenting fun!

  • Instructional Videos 
  • Worksheets and Exercises.
  • Private Facebook Group.
  • Weekly Emails and Support.
Up to $725/free 
  • 50 min Private Strategy Session.
  • Homework and Worksheet Review.

  • Up to $500 Off Future Packages. 
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Where do I find the information to access the videos?

You will receive all of the information in your email, and it will also be posted in the private Facebook group. You will be directed to join the group after signing up for the program. 
What if I miss a week?

Don't worry at all! All of the training sessions are available to you as soon as they are released. 
What if I have questions I'd like to ask?

You can post your questions in the Facebook group. If it's a question you're not too comfortable making public, just shoot me an email at Allow 24 hours for an answer. 
I signed up early and would like to take advantage of my free bonuses. How do I schedule my strategy session and observation session?

If you took advantage of the early bird bonuses, I will send you my scheduling calendar so you can schedule online.