Here’s what people are saying about working with Andrea:

I was at a loss when I came to Andrea. My baby girl was 10 months old and I still hadn’t found a way to get back on track. I’ve struggled with my weight my entire teen/adult life, but never to the point of hopelessness, but after I had my baby, I felt hopeless and didn’t know where to begin. The first thing Andrea taught me is to take one day at a time, one goal at a time. I started with eating breakfast every morning. There were weeks when some things didn’t go as planned and I would feel like I failed, and in the past that would’ve been enough for me to give up and give it another try in a few months or so, but Andrea taught me that even though I had a bad day (or even week) doesn’t mean that I have failed and not to let it undo all of my hard work. When something just wasn’t working with my schedule she always had alternatives set and ready! She was always there with fast and easy healthy recipes and snack options, and she taught me exercises that only included my body and my living room floor that keeps my core, legs and arms burning!!! Andrea has helped me to carve out time for myself (outside of exercise) and time for my boyfriend and I (which is not an easy task for new parents). I can go on and on about all the goodness that has come from being  coached by Andrea, but, in a nutshell, it was the best investment I could’ve made in myself. It has truly been life changing.

Ashley Jackson, 27

 On December 1st 2013 I decided after 25 years of being unhealthy it was time for a life style change. Thinking it was nearly impossible to change and not knowing where to start I joined LA fitness and started with Cardio Kickboxing and met Andrea! The first time nearly killed me but observing her passion for fitness kept me extremely motivated and I wanted more! It was so refreshing seeing how organized the class was and how easy it was to follow, also appreciating that you can go at your own level. I later joined her boot camp class and of course it’s also amazing. They are complete body workout classes that target all areas to change your body and reach your fitness goals. Also the music is awesome, keeps me pumped! Her workouts are made to challenge you to get the best results possible. And right when I think I want to give up Andrea is right there pushing me to get lower, longer punches, keep moving and most importantly DON’T STOP! Every week she pushes you to strive for greatness! For something I thought was nearly impossible I have now lost 30lbs and can see my body starting to transform into what I always wanted it to be. With excitement I say the motivation that Andrea inspires I am extremely happy and proud with what I’ve accomplished so far. My self esteem, confidence, and energy level are at their highest and I can’t wait to see myself at the finish line! Thanks Andrea!

Stephanie Cuevas, 25


In one of Andrea’s videos she said that I was her role model.  Well Andrea you are my new role model for health and fitness.  Although I have been consistent with exercising over the years, I had never made the connection with proper nutrition and exercising.  I have lost the same 30 pounds many times over but never kept it off.

What I have learned from Andrea’s S.M.I.L.E strategy is that health and wellness is not a quick-fix diet program.  She taught me that I should not think about dieting but to think of making a lifestyle change – one that I can live with.   I have made small changes such as portion control, trying new foods, new textures, reading labels, and as Andrea says “if the shelf life is longer than yours, skip it.”

I realized that I was not as active as I could be, so even though I had considered myself active, I started to move more. I parked my car at the back of the parking lot and walk that extra 5 minutes to the store.  I go for quick ten-minutes walk on my break. I mow the lawn instead of depending on my husband. I shovel the snow with my husband and at the end of the day I can see the results. With Andrea’s coaching, I have lost 30 pounds since January and I am down from a size 16-18 to a size 12 pants.   My goal is to be size 10. Thank you, Andrea, for being there for me, for taking the time to call me every Saturday morning at 9:30 to discuss my progress.    I know it was not that easy to coach family member, but you hang in there with me.

When I grow up I want to be just like you….minus the 3 kids.

 Colmeta Tarwally, 57 (My mom!!!)


Andrea brings endless enthusiasm and energy to each and every class she teaches. Her upbeat, “dancy” spirit is contagious, I always push myself beyond my limits because I am having so much fun! It is obvious that Andrea has a true passion for group exercise and fitness. She is a truly fabulous instructor!

Renee, 25


 Andrea is one of my all-time favorite fitness instructors, and I’ve seen many of them in my lifetime.  She has a terrific personality and is always encouraging.  She has a great sense of music and dance, but somehow her moves are accessible to all.  Most importantly, we all get a great workout whenever Andrea is in the house.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Junko Cheng


My husband and I had the pleasure of working out with Andrea when she was at Circuit Athletics in Clarksville, Tennessee. The one thing that stands out in my mind about Andrea is her enthusiasm. It is contagious! She was always upbeat, pumped up and eager to give 100 percent to her class. She has the ability to push you as far as you possibly can go — and had the knowledge and experience to know how far that was for each and every person she trained. We miss Andrea and wish her the best of luck with her new venture.

Ronnie and Lucy Goad


Andrea is spunky and very friendly.  She really made me feel comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. Her sessions are a lot of fun, motivating and they really do work your body. She really works with you to help you achieve your goals. I would recommend any of her classes to the basic beginner to the more advanced person

Clarksville, Tennessee