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Stop Eating Crap! Plus 4 Equally Amazing Strategies to Help You Be the Champion of Your Own Health & Happiness.

Based on my SMILE Transformation Strategy coaching framework, Stop Eating Crap! Plus 4 Equally Amazing Strategies to Help You Be the Champion of Your Own Health & Happiness is your guide to creating a happy and healthy life. Learn the 5 strategies that will not only help you lose weight and get in amazing shape, but will also teach you how to reduce stress, feel happy, and create life long change. No more dieting! We’re creating lifestyles over here.




Kick ASSessment™: Kick Ass in 50 Minutes

There’s a lot of power packed in this 50 minute pow-wow. Get clear about your health and happiness goals, identify any blocks or challenges holding you back, and walk away with a clear action plan designed to help you become the champion of your own health and happiness.




Slay in 1 Day™: VIP Wellness Intensive

Shrink the timeframe, quit wasting time, take action, and get results NOW. Your uniquely tailored private VIP Wellness Intensive includes a private one-on-one full day of wellness coaching (5 hours) and email access/support for 30 days after your intensive to ensure you’re supported and guided every step of the way.

You can expect:

  • Clarity when it comes to your priorities, goals, and habits.
  • Improved thought and behavior patterns. No more limiting or negative thoughts!
  • Reduced stress and improved energy.
  • Confidence in choosing foods and preparing meals that will help you be healthy and happy.

Participation in Slay in 1 Day™ is by interview only. 



SMILE 2.0: 90 Days to Becoming the Champion of Your Own Health & Happiness.

Not for the faint of heart! You have to be committed to becoming the champion of your own health and happiness to participate. This 90 day program will force you to dig deep, get out of your comfort zone, and strive to be your best self.

This is my most comprehensive program. You will be expected to:

  • Take 100% responsibility for your choices up until now and your choices from here on out.
  • Complete all weekly growth assignments.
  • Stay connected and check in regularly.
  • Do the work! Some of it will be really exciting. Some of it will be really uncomfortable. All of it is absolutely necessary.
  • Follow a meal plan
  • Follow an exercise plan.

Participation in SMILE 2.0 is by interview only.  Click below to learn more.



Save Your Sanity Parenting - Strategy Session

If you've ever said something like, "I wish my kids would just listen me," then my parent strategy session is for you. Get a personalized approach to minimizing undesired behavior, learn how to get more of the behavior you want to see, be confident in your parenting, and start laughing and having more fun with your family.