Ladies, can we all just be real for a moment?  Can we?  Just one hot minute, can we all just put our cards on the table and be honest with each other?

How many of us have started towards the doors of a new group fitness class, looked into the window, saw all the fit and perfect women in the room and thought, “Oh God.  Oh God.  OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD.”  Show of hands?

How about how many of us, mid jump during a series of jumping jacks, experienced the horrifying sensation of a little spritz, a little tinkle…you know?  A little leakage.

(Come on.  Are you gonna make me say it?  FINE.)


How many of us have peed a little while jumping around in a group fitness class, and immediately worry about who might see ‘the spot’?  And then how many of us started to invest only in black leggings and longer shirts?

Please.  Please tell me it isn’t just me.

Look around the room, ladies.    See all those hands?  See them?  We’re not alone.

There is a saying that those in glass houses should not throw stones.  I say those in group fitness classes should throw no side eye.  We are a sisterhood.  A sisterhood of asskickers.  We are the ones who look jiggling back fat and uncoordinated dance moves in the eye and laugh!

We laugh!  And we WIN.  Because no amount of excessive sweat, tooting, or yes, even pee will keep us from our goals of healthy lives and mental strength.

Say it with me, sister:  The gym is our forum to kick ass, not cower.  We ALL look ridiculous sometimes! We ALL have our insecurities.  We ALL have our fears.  And yes, we all have our moments when we might leak a little, BUT MY SISTERS!  Let NOT this deter you.   For we have strength in numbers.

Say this pledge with me:

I shall NOT fear the perfect looking women in the gym, for they are as insecure as me.
I shall NOT worry about how my ass looks in those pants, for no one else is looking.
I shall NOT fear the jiggling arm fat, for I will vanquish it in the house of free weights.

And lastly:

I shall fear no pee nor gas, for those of us who are without tinkles and toots are not human.

Say it loud, Sisters!  Say it loud with your words, and louder with your sweat in the gym.


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