First, let me start with a confession: I’m not wearing any pants in this video. It kind of inspired the topic for this blog post…along with the many complaints I’ve heard from clients and friends about how badly they feel about themselves after 10 minutes of reading Facebook updates or scrolling through Instagram.

Social media is a blessing and a curse. When used properly, it can be so inspirational! It only becomes a curse when people start thinking that everything they see/read is 100% real.

C’mon people! That’s silly.

And this brings me back to the whole not-wearing-pants confession.

If I didn’t tell you that I was in boxer shorts you’d have no idea, because I’m only letting you see the part I want you to see.

Most people on social media share what they want you to know or what they want you to believe. There is absolutely no problem with being inspired by somebody or admiring them for their accomplishments, but it becomes an entirely different story when you start comparing yourself to them.

Comparison is the thief of joy. There’s no quicker way to feel like you’re failing at life than to compare your life and your body to the virtual profiles you see on Facebook or Instagram. You have no idea what kind of turmoil Susie, her GQ husband, and her 3 kids went through before they took that perfect family photo.

Anybody can look amazing with a little photoshop here, a filter there, and a spray tan…cause if you can’t tone it, tan it!  Heck, I’ve used the app, FaceTune, to smooth out my forehead and reduce some particularly bad under-eye bags a few times. How’s that for a confession!

So watch my video, and then the next time you find yourself feeling down after scrolling through some social media newsfeed, remind yourself that what you see is usually just a version of the truth and not the whole truth. Use what you see and hear to get inspired, but don’t for one second compare yourself to anyone else!

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Have you ever felt badly about yourself after spending some time on social media? If not, how do you manage to cope? Leave a comment! Many people read my posts, and your answer might inspire somebody.

Here’s to being the champion of your own health and happiness!



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