How a simple prayer helped me learn to feel beautiful without makeup. 
No joke!
It's that powerful.
Who decides to stop wearing make up at 42 years old? 
I do!

Firstly, I'm NOT naked in this pic. Secondly, women have different reasons for why they do or do not wear make up. Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version of why I’m not wearing make up right now:

In the last year, my entire identity changed. Because of health issues, I was limited physically. Then to add insult to injury, my hair was accidentally cut short and I gained 25 lbs.

Anyhoo, I was a mess. I didn’t know who I was without my bouncy hair, mad jumping skills, and rock hard abs. I even joked “I guess I’m going to have to rely on just my personality now!”

Then I went to a conference and realized I wasn’t joking. Much of my self-worth was tied to external conditions. Won’t go into details about why I had those beliefs, but I knew I had to change them.

Somehow I was introduced to Tosha Silver's Change Me Prayer. One of the lines is “Let me know my own value, beauty, and worthiness without question.” Another is “Let whatever needs to come, come. Let whatever needs to go, go.

I made a recording of the prayer, looped it 10 times, and I started listening to it everyday. After a couple of weeks, I felt the urge to stop wearing make up. Quite frankly, make up stresses me out a bit. Does it match my skin? Did I blend it okay? Has it rubbed off on my clothes?

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So I stripped myself down, figuratively. (Remember, I’m not naked in this pic!) And, for the first time in almost 43 years, I’m actually okay with what see without all of the extra additives.

Your value, beauty, and worthiness come from within. Not from a foundation bottle. Not from a hairstyle. Not from a pair of shoes.

Anyhoo, with Tosha’s permission, I have my recording of The Change Me Prayer available for download. Click the button below to get it!

Also, if you like to be surrounded by women who strive everyday to live freely and rise about the stresses of daily life, join my community of Free and Elevated Women and become part of the FEW.

PS: I still wear a touch of bronzer on my cheeks and eyelash strips because they’re fun!
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