Can you believe the holidays are right around the corner? This year has flown by! I’ve already started to receive invitations to holiday parties. Holy smokes! Holiday parties are always filled with yummy delicious temptations. Cheese dip, sausage balls, chips, cakes, pies, brownies, cocktails….you name it! I can already feel my pants getting tighter. In an effort to help, I’ve come up with 5 tips to help you avoid “The Holidaze” and get through this holiday season like a champion. Watch this video and you’ll be ready to handle yourself at any dessert table you see! In the non-eating-everything-in-sight way, I mean. I always love to hearRead More →

In a recent double blind scientific study, individuals seeking to lose weight had a greater level of success in a shorter period of time when they were surrounded by other positive and likeminded people with similar goals. Now, you can take a deep breath, because this is not another weight loss blog post. I certainly post plenty of them, but this ain’t one! Rather, I bring up this study to demonstrate a point that I think deep down we all know but often forget. Surrounding ourselves with positive people and people that inspire us is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. Our levels of successRead More →

Raise your hand if you’ve always been 100% okay with your body? … … … No one? Now raise your hand if you’ve EVER been 100% okay with your body? …Okay. A few of you. Cool. Body acceptance has been a big talking point over the past year, and it is great, don’t get me wrong. I think any one movement that focuses on appreciating yourself and being proud of what your mama gave you is a beautiful and empowering thing. We need more acceptance for ourselves and others, and we need to empower the next generation of young women to be happy in theirRead More →

Here’s a word problem to start your day. Scenario: It’s December 25th. Christmas Day. Less than a week until the New Year. Kim has been eating and indulging in all the eggnog, ham, cookies, and more nog that comes with the holiday. Other than running from party to party or the occasional frantic present wrapping, she has done next to nothing in the way of exercising. Her pants are feeling a wee bit tight. (Okay. A lot bit tight. But hey! It’s the holiday!) On December 26th she makes a New Year’s resolution: She is going to lose fifty pounds by exercising six days aRead More →