I’m really excited about this one, but not for the reasons you probably think.

I have two superstar guests with me! One is my 14 year old daughter, Taylor, and the other is George. My cat. He doesn’t do much except get in the way, but he’s fun nonetheless.



My daughter has watched me exercise consistently for the last 5 years. Before that, I was riding the diet roller coaster. I would go on a diet, exercise like a fiend for a couple of months, lose weight, then go right back to eating Big Macs while sitting on the couch.

That was NOT the lesson I wanted to teach her. I wanted to model living a healthy lifestyle, so I changed.

She has changed too!

When Taylor was a baby, she’d pick up some small hand weights and “workout” with me, but that all stopped when she was about 8 or 9. She really didn’t like to exercise at all, and even with my encouragement, she rarely got her body moving.

Now, at 14, she is playing water polo of all sports! She practices 5 days a week, lifts weights, swims laps, and kicks butt. She has found something she loves, and she has surrounded herself with people who support her and hold her accountable.

Sound familiar? Lol! She’s her mother’s daughter.

When it comes to getting your body moving, find something you love to do. There are so many ways to exercise that have nothing to do with a gym, like hiking, swimming, tennis, walking, cycling, or dancing. Heck, even a day working in the garden can leave you sore! Then find somebody or a group of people who will hold you accountable…in a fun way! I look forward to meeting my friends at the studio. Taylor looks forward to meeting her teammates for a grueling training day. Working out with friends is fun.

If you’re looking for a way to hold yourself accountable to your health and fitness goals, you should check out my online program here. I have an amazing group of people who support and encourage each other as they work towards creating their happy and healthy life. You have a much greater chance of success when you work as a team.

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Here’s to being the champion of your own health and happiness!




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