I love planks! In my opinion, I think they’re one of the best exercises anyone can do to tone and strengthen their mid-section. I especially love doing them to fun songs, so here is a short routine you can do at home.   First, know this is tough. You’re basically doing over 3 1/2 minutes of planks. Whoa. Modify if you need to, just make sure you keep it challenging! Suggestions for modifications:Read More →

Cardio vs. Strength Training: You need both! I get asked this question a lot: “Andrea, I really want to lose weight. Should I start with cardio or should I start with lifting weights?” The answer is BOTH! You get the best results when you combine both cardiovascular and strength training exercises. You burn body fat, build lean muscle, and become a calorie burning machine! I was going to write an entire blog about it, but then I remembered I already had written something about it in my online coaching program, Stop Eating Crap! Plus 4 Equally Amazing Strategies to Help You Be the Champion ofRead More →

Here’s a word problem to start your day. Scenario: It’s December 25th. Christmas Day. Less than a week until the New Year. Kim has been eating and indulging in all the eggnog, ham, cookies, and more nog that comes with the holiday. Other than running from party to party or the occasional frantic present wrapping, she has done next to nothing in the way of exercising. Her pants are feeling a wee bit tight. (Okay. A lot bit tight. But hey! It’s the holiday!) On December 26th she makes a New Year’s resolution: She is going to lose fifty pounds by exercising six days aRead More →

  Hi. My name is Andrea. And I’m a supportaholic. I love everything about support. I love what it gives to me, I love what it allows me to give to others, and I love what it allows others to give to each other. I love the freedom that comes with saying something out loud, and I love the feeling of acceptance and understanding that comes with someone saying something that I myself have been feeling. I love the collaborative spirit of support.Read More →

Do you ever leave the house with the feeling that you’re forgetting…something? That nagging feeling where you know there is something you’re supposed to be doing, but you just can’t place your finger on it. The kids are fed, the coffee maker is turned off, you’ve gotten your presentation to your boss, you’ve picked up your husband’s prescription for him while you were getting groceries… What it is? What are you forgetting? Oh. Food. Right. You forgot to eat. …and come to think of it…underwear. You forgot to put those on today.Read More →