Let’s keep it real, ladies!


Ladies, can we all just be real for a moment?  Can we?  Just one hot minute, can we all just put our cards on the table and be honest with each other?

How many of us have started towards the doors of a new group fitness class, looked into the window, saw all the fit and perfect women in the room and thought, “Oh God.  Oh God.  OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD.”  Show of hands?

How about how many of us, mid jump during a series of jumping jacks, experienced the horrifying sensation of a little spritz, a little tinkle…you know?  A little leakage. Read More


Perfectly Imperfect is the Only Way I Want to Be – IGIG WELLNESS

I am a huge fan of beautiful things, but not in the usual sense of the word.  My best friend, Daley, told me she has noticed that I am drawn to “characters,” and she’s right.  I’ve always found myself intrigued by anything that’s a little…well…different.

A dog with three legs gallivanting around happily.

Weathered antiques full of scratches but still holding on strong.

A man with a scar on his face.

I find all of those things beautiful because I know there’s a story behind it all, and it’s usually a story that includes some kind of struggle as well as overcoming the struggle.  That’s not only beautiful, it’s inspiring and real.

Up until recently, I believed that being perfect meant being without flaws, at least as far as beauty is concerned.  To me, physical perfection meant no scars, no stretch marks, no cellulite, and…a-hem…perfect boobs.  It’s kind of what the media wants us to think anyway, right? Models and starlets featured on the cover of magazines are airbrushed to perfection.  It makes me want to take a brown marker and add some hairy moles to their picture-perfect faces.

That’s mean and petty. Sorry.  Let’s get back to the real issue. Read More


House Cleaning Workout

What is the most common reason people don’t exercise? Lack of time! I’ve asked the question over and over again, and that it the response I get from my clients and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We’re busy! We have work, and laundry, and soccer practice, and homework, and grocery shopping…..Ugh! There is just so much to do in what feels like a limited amount of time. This is where creativity has to take over!

Although it would be fabulous for everyone to dedicate one hour out of their day to exercise, I know it’s not realistic.

I created this video to inspire others to get their body moving whenever they can! I’m the ultimate multi-tasker when it doesn’t require a whole lot of focus and brain power.  I listen to audiobooks when I’m preparing dinner.  I will bake some chicken for my lunch while I’m making breakfast for my kids. I will find ways to sneak exercise in when I’m cleaning my house!

Some exercise is better than no exercise.  Park at the back of the parking lot and get some extra steps in when you go the store. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.  Do some calf raises while you do the dishes.  Get your body moving whenever you can!  Small changes over time add up to huge results.

Okay. Go move now!

If my tips helped you and my video made you laugh (it’s supposed to be funny, people!)  please leave a comment and let me know!  Better yet, leave a comment AND share this with a friend who might also get inspired to get healthy and happy!

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What’s the first step to creating your happy and healthy life? You have to believe it’s possible!

Yes. It’s that simple.  It’s time to start believing in your ability to be successful. No matter what.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, “I know I can do anything if I put my mind to it.”


Isn’t that what most adults believe? But if we really believed it…REALLY believed it, then most of us would probably be doing a whole heck of a lot more.

There is a certain amount of passion that comes with believing that anything is possible.

Belief sounds more like:

I’ll do it no matter what!

And less like:

I think I can do it.

The two are very different, wouldn’t you agree? One emphasizes determined success; the other, although hopeful, lacks confidence.

You have to be determined to be successful.  There are no other choices.Think about a time when you were determined to be successful.  NOTHING could get in your way!

How did you feel?  What were the circumstances at the time? How can you channel that same energy to your life RIGHT NOW?  Maybe you haven’t had a time like that, and that’s okay. Just imagine how it might feel. What do you need to do to make that energy real?

Your happy and healthy life is right within your reach. Believe it is possible and it will be yours.


You’re NOT Crazy! You Just Need Yeast! – IGIG WELLNESS

I’m sorry for the title of this blog post, but if I had called it: “Nutritional Yeast FAQs”  you probably would have skipped right over it, and I have some good info to share with you.

I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to learning about a new superfood.  I get excited like a kid at Christmas time! I start to ask myself, “What is it? What makes it so super? Will I like it or will I gag like that time I tried wheatgrass?”

See? Total nerd.

So you can imagine how I felt when I saw my fellow healthy food nut, Holly G, post a picture of her yummy egg wrap sprinkled with nutritional yeast.

Read More