Welcome and thank you for stopping by! My #1 goal is to provide the most incredible value to your health and happiness by offering you real life, practical, non-gimicky tips, tools, and resources that will improve your life forever.   In other words…

I’m going to help you create the happy, healthy, and mind-blowing life you deserve.

Your life is supposed to be fabulous! You can wake up every day feeling energized and excited.

You can have the physical energy you need to move through your with zest and vibrancy.

You can have the ability to get through life’s stressors, big and small, with strength, dignity, and endless positivity.

You can fill your life with meaningful activities, activities that you enjoy and fill your emotional cup.

You can live your life with purpose.

I can help you do this because I am a woman who has created that life for herself, and I help others do the same.

This was me.

Andrea before_edited-1

Sorry about the picture quality, but I don’t have many “before” photos because I was embarrassed to be in front of a camera.

Like many women, I had a family and a successful career, and I put the needs of everyone else in front of my own.  That’s what a good mother is supposed to do, right? Who has time to exercise, prepare healthy meals, or do anything fun when they’re taking care of a family, working, doing what seems like endless laundry, and running to the grocery store all of the time?

Although I loved my family and career, I turned into a woman I didn’t really like. I was overweight, unhappy, and unhealthy, because I wasn’t really living authentically. Then one day I decided enough was enough.

high res fs pic1 (2)

Bam! That’s me!

I completely transformed myself, but it goes deeper than the 50 pounds I lost. You see, I’ve figured out how to create a healthy balance between the needs of others and my own.  I’ve learned to live my life with zest and vibrancy. With purpose!

Now I share what I have learned with others.

Whether it’s in one of my private or group fitness classes,


during an interactive and fun workshop, or in my one-on-one coaching program, I help others learn how to create their own happy, healthy, and mind-blowing life.

I’m excited to help you too!


Professional Bio

Andrea has been passionate about health for many years. She began her career as a social worker in 1999. After working many years with individuals suffering from chronic and terminal illnesses, and recognizing she had to make same health changes herself, she decided to change career paths and focus on health promotion and disease prevention.

Andrea is a certified fitness professional and has completed Health and Wellness Coach training.  Her personal transformation story was featured in Walgreen’s new community health magazine, Happy and Healthy, and she has been a featured health and wellness expert for several different health organizations and websites. She is the creator of the S.M.I.L.E. Transformation Strategy and has travelled internationally sharing her strategy through fun and interactive workshops. Andrea has also created the fitness programs Body Ablaze Total Body Conditioning and F.R.E.S.H. – a rehabilitative and fun workout using the foam roller.  Andrea teaches private and group fitness classes, including Turbo Kick®, Kickboxing, Hip Hop Hustle® and Boot Camps in sunny Southern California.

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