Did you know you have one the greatest tools to help you lose weight at your fingertips? Well, you do, and it’s your smartphone!

From the wallpaper feature to your voice memo recorder, your phone can play an invaluable roll in helping you lose weight, feel great, and become the champion of your own health happiness. Watch this video to learn all 5. They’re so easy to implement, you’ll be asking yourself why you hadn’t thought of it sooner! #4 is my favorite.

Although I have it in the 4th spot, writing your SMILE vision is probably the most important step you can take when it comes to creating your happy and healthy life. Using the principles of the SMILE Transformation Strategy: stop eating crap, move more, invest in yourself, let go of old thoughts and behaviors, and enjoy yourself, you can create the most incredible happy and healthy life!

Grab a pen and some paper, write the 5 SMILE principles down as headings, and start brainstorming underneath. If you had a magic wand, and you could magically make your perfect happy and healthy life appear, what would it look like? Answer that question like nothing is impossible!

Have you ever taken the time to write out your vision for health and happiness? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment below and tell me.

Need some extra help with writing your SMILE vision or reaching your goals, just click here to find out more and join the amazing group of health and happiness champions!

Here’s to being the champion of your own health and happiness!

Andrea 🙂

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