Hi. My name is Andrea. And I’m a supportaholic.

I love everything about support. I love what it gives to me, I love what it allows me to give to others, and I love what it allows others to give to each other. I love the freedom that comes with saying something out loud, and I love the feeling of acceptance and understanding that comes with someone saying something that I myself have been feeling. I love the collaborative spirit of support.

Support can come in so many shapes, sizes, and platforms. Support can come from a phone call to your mother, an email message from your best girlfriend, a hug from your husband, or cheering in a support group meeting. Support is used to help us through struggles, lead by example, learn by example, and model self care and grace. Support, in short, is a gift: It is a gift to the giver and the receiver.

What does support look like? Well, to me, support looks like Control Top Pantyhose.
(Seriously. Stay with me. I swear.)

You’ve got a big night out and you have a dress that you’re dying to wear. You put it on and there are some visuals looking back at you in the mirror that you’re not totally comfortable with, that little bit of baby belly that is making you leary. Now, you COULD go out in that dress just as is, and chances are, you’d be fine. You’d be okay in the dress, weird little baby belly bulge and all, but you’d feel uneasy all night. Instead, you slip on your Control Top Pantyhose, and they help you feel secure. They help you feel more confident, and even if no one else can see that you’re wearing them, they are there holding you together. And in the moments that you don’t need them, you can take them off. There will be days that you don’t need the Control Top Pantyhose, but it is comforting always knowing they’re there.

Support is the same way. It is comforting to know that it is there, even if we can’t see it or if no one else knows we’re relying on it. Support allows us to feel more confident in facing the things that might make us uneasy.

When it comes to health, fitness, and weight management (gain or loss), support can be crucial. Individuals who set goals, proclaim them out loud, and then surround themselves with supportive entities that understand or share their goals are markedly more successful than those who go it alone. The perceived accountability that comes with sharing a goal, wish, or dream with another human being, journal, or group increases the likeliness of success more than tenfold.

It’s one of the reasons I created the group for my program, “Stop Eating Crap! Plus 4 Equally Awesome Strategies to Help You Be the Champion of Your Own Health & Happiness.” The rate of long term success is also directly impacted by surrounding yourself with others who share similar goals to yours. It is a symbiotic relationship – you help them when they’re down, they help you when you’re down. You celebrate and you rally together. And even if your support system isn’t right next to you physically, they remain in your mind, helping to influence your decisions. Much like your Control Top Pantyhose, you might not see them, but they are still there holding you together.

So, get out there. Go be someone’s Control Top Pantyhose. Find someone to be yours. Get out there and become a Supportaholic.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about being supported and supporting others. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you’re thinking. You can also join me over on my Facebook page! We have a lot of fun over there.

Have a happy and healthy day!

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  1. Hi Andrea, I signed up for your online program. How do I get access to the private Facebook page?

    • Hi! You can send me your email at and I’ll invite you that way, or you can search SMILE Transformation Strategy Support and Accountability” on Facebook and request to be added. Let me know if you have any other questions or problems. 🙂

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