Quick Upper Body Burn!

Short on time?

Don’t worry! This quick upper body workout will get your shoulders burning in no time. I’ll often finish my Tae Bo® class with this series of shoulder exercises.

There are a lot of reps in this, so start with 2-3 lbs to see how it feels. By the time you’re in the last minute of the song, it should feel hard. If it isn’t, increase your weight until it is!

Download the song, “Like a G6,” by Far East Movement and join me!


Love Thyself….Including the Wobbly Bits

Raise your hand if you’ve always been 100% okay with your body?

No one?

Now raise your hand if you’ve EVER been 100% okay with your body?

…Okay. A few of you. Cool.

Body acceptance has been a big talking point over the past year, and it is great, don’t get me wrong. I think any one movement that focuses on appreciating yourself and being proud of what your mama gave you is a beautiful and empowering thing. We need more acceptance for ourselves and others, and we need to empower the next generation of young women to be happy in their skin. It is a beautiful and powerful movement…

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