Cardio vs. Strength Training: You need both!

Cardio vs. Strength Training: You need both!

I get asked this question a lot: “Andrea, I really want to lose weight. Should I start with cardio or should I start with lifting weights?”

The answer is BOTH!

You get the best results when you combine both cardiovascular and strength training exercises. You burn body fat, build lean muscle, and become a calorie burning machine! I was going to write an entire blog about it, but then I remembered I already had written something about it in my online coaching program, Stop Eating Crap! Plus 4 Equally Amazing Strategies to Help You Be the Champion of Your Own Health & Happiness. 

It’s actually one of my favorite sections of the program, and I get the best feedback about it from my clients, so I’m excited to share it with you now. Here it is:

Here is an actual example of a conversation I overheard in the coffee shop while I was waiting for my Friday herbal tea:

“Girl, you need to STOP it with all those weights. You’re going to end up super bulky.”

“It’s a FACT that lifting burns more calories over the course of the day. I’ll end up thinner than you.”

“You will NEVER burn as many calories in a day of lifting as I do in ONE long run.” Read More