Weight Loss Word Problem of the Day.

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Here’s a word problem to start your day.

Scenario: It’s December 25th. Christmas Day. Less than a week until the New Year. Kim has been eating and indulging in all the eggnog, ham, cookies, and more nog that comes with the holiday. Other than running from party to party or the occasional frantic present wrapping, she has done next to nothing in the way of exercising. Her pants are feeling a wee bit tight. (Okay. A lot bit tight. But hey! It’s the holiday!) On December 26th she makes a New Year’s resolution: She is going to lose fifty pounds by exercising six days a week for an hour and reducing her calories to 1,100 a day. She is going to start on January 1st. (Which means that she continues to eat and drink like a drunken sailor for the next five days.) Read More