Perfectly Imperfect is the Only Way I Want to Be – IGIG WELLNESS

I am a huge fan of beautiful things, but not in the usual sense of the word.  My best friend, Daley, told me she has noticed that I am drawn to “characters,” and she’s right.  I’ve always found myself intrigued by anything that’s a little…well…different.

A dog with three legs gallivanting around happily.

Weathered antiques full of scratches but still holding on strong.

A man with a scar on his face.

I find all of those things beautiful because I know there’s a story behind it all, and it’s usually a story that includes some kind of struggle as well as overcoming the struggle.  That’s not only beautiful, it’s inspiring and real.

Up until recently, I believed that being perfect meant being without flaws, at least as far as beauty is concerned.  To me, physical perfection meant no scars, no stretch marks, no cellulite, and…a-hem…perfect boobs.  It’s kind of what the media wants us to think anyway, right? Models and starlets featured on the cover of magazines are airbrushed to perfection.  It makes me want to take a brown marker and add some hairy moles to their picture-perfect faces.

That’s mean and petty. Sorry.  Let’s get back to the real issue. Read More